Seeking Remedy for Paramedics

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Help support unlawfully terminated Ambulance Victoria staff, paramedics, ESTA, ACOs and other professional services within VICTORIA regain their employment and/or receive financial compensation.


Let's work together and make it right

These employees are seeking remedy and NEED YOUR HELP through CROWD FUNDING. Even the SMALLEST donation is a HUGE help!

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Our colleagues are still calling out for help!

  • Crowd funding to help support paramedics and other professionals seek remedy

    1. They need your help

    2. Even the smallest donation can make a big difference

    3. This process will help set precedent for ALL employees in similar circumstances get their employment back and or receive compensation.

    4. If you are a terminated Victorian paramedic and would also like to seek remedy, please get in contact with us below.

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    Money raised through this crowd funding website will pay any legal and associated costs.

    This project has been created and ran predominately by terminated Victorian paramedics. If more money is raised than is needed for us, before closing the crowd funding, the remainder of funds will be donated equally to groups of people within Victoria, who are in the same predicament as us and the funds will be used for their legal costs to seek their remedy. At a bare minimum one person from each group will receive funds.

    The groups include Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), Ambulance Community Officers (ACO’s), Police, Nurses, Teachers, Early Learning Educators, Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and country Fire Authority (CFA).

    Multiple Options

    ANZ Bank
    Name: AW4A
    BSB: 013220
    Account: 530125572

    Seeking Remedy for Paramedics

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